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Excitement, strategy, amazing moves... Esport is the latest big thing in sports entertainment. Here you can watch the most popular professional esport games CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 for free, and even bet on them while you are watching!

New To Esport?

As long as there have been video games, there have been competitions. But the latest boom in professional esport and huge tournaments was born with the rise of wide area network, multiplayer games where you can compete with anyone across the world. As the best of the best have qualified, their amazing skills are awarded with prizes that sometimes reach millions of euros.

Winning the tournaments takes hand-eye coordination, strategy, teamwork and deep knowledge of the game and its inner workings. In the top games, the action is so fast it feels almost superhuman how quickly and precisely the top players control their characters.

The Games

Counterstrike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO, is the most realistic and straightforward of the esport games we stream. The game is all about first person experience of tactical urban warfare.

You have two teams: terrorists who are trying to plant and detonate a bomb, and counter-terrorists, who will try to stop that from happening. If you love movies like Black Hawk Down, you will love CS:GO.

League of Legends, or LoL, is more inspired by fantasy and role playing games. In it, you have 2 teams of 3 or 5 players. Each team selects from a huge roster of heroes and then defends their territory from the enemy team.

Dota 2 resembles the same objective as LoL in the sense that you have 2 teams of 5 players defending their territory and trying to defeat the enemy.

Both games are won when you have destroyed the enemy’s main tower and both games feature a huge roster of heroes, plus a mountain of items to help you on your conquest of the enemy team.

Each hero is different and each hero has a weakness against certain other heroes/items and power over others.

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OlyBet And Esport

We offer you the opportunity to get into these games by streaming them live for you to enjoy the action, for free, and the best of all… No registration required.

There is always the option to add more excitement by betting on the game.

The easiest game to follow and to bet on is CS:GO, but we do encourage you to check out LoL and Dota 2. The best thing about esports is you can always get the game for free and play it yourself, that makes watching the world's best players all the more entertaining and maybe pick up a trick or two for your next match!

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